Almond Blossom Route – long linear route

Every year, at the end of winter, the town of Garrovillas celebrates the almond blossom festival, which includes walking tours through the fields full of almond blossoms. There are two routes, one long and one short, but we have made a variant, a little different, of the long route, and on dates after the festival.

We started the tour in the vicinity of the ruins of the fantastic convent of San Antonio de Padua (a pity the state in which it is).
Soon we begin to see the fields full of almond trees with their flowers, either white or pink.
At a given moment we must leave the road to take an almost imperceptible path to our left that leads us to a high point and to the vicinity of the road to Mata de Alcantara to take another path next to the road.
The final part of the route coincides with the signs of the Camino Natural del Tajo, where we return again to Garrovillas, this time, surrounded by olive groves.


7 km
Positive difference in elevation

130 m

Negative difference in elevation

57 m

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